Management and Corporate Consultancy

Assistance in choosing the right type of business when starting a new enterprise, compliance with corporate laws in case of amendments in articles of association, dissolution, liquidation and other business operations;
Advisory and support regarding computerised accounting systems also in reference to EU Regulations regarding the planning of a bookkeeping scheme; Drafting of financial reports and consolidated financial statements;
financial analysis and profitability;
Research and implementation of tributary funds and tax breaks;
Corporate restructuring and rebalancing;
Advice on issues regarding succession of shareholders or intergenerational transfers;
Advice on acquisition and sale of companies and shares, corporate contracts, corporate leasing;
Assistance to non-profit organisations, public organisations and non-commercial organisations.

Audit and supervision

Statutory Auditors for listed and non-listed companies;
Drafting of quarterly and bi-annual reports;
Balance and consolidated balance revision;
Extraordinary reviews following incorporation, restructuring or liquidation;
Corporate rebalancing plans.

Tax Consultancy and Disputes

Planning and consultancy regarding national and international tax strategies;
Preparation of tax returns and statements;
Information regarding taxes through newsletters featuring recent updates and amendments;
Consultancy and assistance in case of tax inspections and disputes.
Management of relations between taxpayer and Tax Authorities.
Procedures for the cancellation of notices under self-assessment and for tax assessments such as: notices of adjustment, liquidation, and imposed sanctions, notices of inspection, protests, collection notices, payment notices, notification regarding registered property as per art. 86 – dpr. n. 602/1973, debt-securing mortgages on real estate as per art. 77 - dpr. n. 602/1973, mortgage and conservative seizure of a company as per art. 22 - D. lgs. n. 475/1997, cancellation and/or denial of tax benefits.
Arrangement and management of complaints and appeals to Tax Commissions on behalf of the taxpayer and in his defence regarding tax notices.
Assistance and advice supplied to taxpayer for the ESE procedures.